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We believe in showcasing the good that you do and using film as the vehicle.

We work with the best film producers to creatively get your messages across and give you content for everyday use from presentations to inter and intranet sites to social media and CSR / annual reporting.

The Edge and CSR
Founded in 1991 in London, The Edge is a company of 65 people, with a single focus: to produce inspiring films that tell our clients’ stories in unforgettable ways.
We have a wealth of experience in corporate film-making around the world and always strive to come up with fresh, innovative solutions that are tailored to each and every project. Our clients are becoming increasingly more aware of their responsibility to their communities, the environment and contributing to positive changes outside of the workplace and we have been producing many more films in this area.
Over the years we’ve helped different global organisations such as Shell, GSK, British Gas, Syngenta, Telefonica, Red Cross and HSBC tell their CSR story. We achieve this by getting under the skin of an organisation, understanding its culture and values and bringing these to life.

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