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Employee Wellbeing

Our mission is to engage your employees through wellness.

Employee engagement helps develop strong positive attitudes among people towards their work and their organisation which plays a major role in ensuring that they give their best even when times are tough.

Employee engagement is a recipe for success. Happy and productive people means business growth.

We believe that engagement is a relationship between employers and employees, we work with your organisation to strengthen that relationship. By helping you implement wellness strategies your employees will feel cared for and will reciprocate that by committing themselves to your organisation.

Latest research shows that highly engaged employees are twice as likely to be top performers, and miss 20% fewer days of work. They also exceed expectations in performance reviews and are more supportive of organisational change initiatives. (Towers Watson 2007/2010)

Manage my Health Coach is an award winning health assessment and engagement service and an excellent first step in providing a supportive environment that encourages healthy behaviours.

Manage my Health Coach helps individuals to identify and reduce health risks and manage chronic conditions through better lifestyle choices. Powerful management reporting features allow stakeholders to assess participation, behaviour change and health outcomes across their populations over time and identify health risks that may require attention.

Our tool can be used as a diagnosing solution to identify potential health risks, which can include lack of sleep, poor nutrition, stress, depression, anxiety, and lack of exercise. It is a very cost effective solution.

Benefits of implementing this Health Risk Assessment include:

– Reducing absence costs
– Improve productivity
– Healthier, happier and more engaged employees
– Reduce sickness at work

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